Our Work

Gratitude is based in Borehamwood Herts, fights hunger and food waste. We take food that’s good to eat but can’t be sold in shops because of packaging errors or overproduction. We then redistribute it to the community through various free meals projects, community pantry and our network of local charities

Our mission

For the benefit of members, vulnerable members of the public and the public at large that may include those with disabilities, mental or physical health issues, in advanced age, those subject to or at risk of poverty or financial hardship, or in some other way disadvantaged or socially marginalised, in the UK and potentially with partners overseas. To assist, the opportunity for learning and self-development and social inclusion by means of but not limited to the provision of food, consumables, training, and resources, within a social setting, or at residences. To promote awareness amongst these groups of social and environmental responsibility and encouragement of a mindful and healthy lifestyle. To encourage social cohesion, healthy exchanges and strengthen local communities. To encourage and support the development of a culture of volunteering time or expertise. To encourage participants to take care of the environment by reducing waste and reusing or recycling. Acting and encouraging all participants to act according to the principles of nonviolence to all people and other species in pursuance of these goals.