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Gratitude’s work is a small silver lining in the dark cloud that is COVID-19. We gather food daily from supermarkets that would have been sent to land fill because it is overstocked, imperfect or nearing its sell by date. We distribute it to all those who may need or can make use of it. 

We feed 100s of families, save several tonnes from waste and distribute it amongst the community free of cost.

Currently working out of British legion Borehamwood on Mondays and Thursdays


All Welcome

All welcome

Today (15thOctober ) Gratitude’s volunteers served over 80 families. The hard work that goes on behind the scenes is incredible – from collecting the groceries to sorting it out and then arranging in the hall takes an enormous toll on

Sheila and her dedicated team of volunteers.

In the end when we are rewarded with a big smile and “thank you” from several recipients, it is well worth the efforts.

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  1. Viv says:

    Gratitude has always had their hands in many projects to serve in their community..
    Many fun craft projects with youth group,schools, knitting for care homes, our local hospital.
    Community cooking once a week to bring people together for a hot meal and a nice gathering.. All this done with a very wonderful support group of volunteers of all ages. Which has made us a family..
    These days we are all living different with the hit of Covid-19.. Since March we had to close our little pantry that we kept stock with groceries to help families..
    Then we had to stop our weekly hot meal gathering.. We had as many as 60 individuals come..
    Now Gratitude since April have been handing Groceries out to help families in these hard times.. We served the public 5 days a week. Numbers reaching to 107 families at times in one day.. average 60-90 most days..
    We now down to two days a week only because we are working from a smaller facility.. yesterday ,Thursday we filled bags of food to serve 83 families.. We know there will be more families that we will need to help.. Gratitude needs a real home in our community! We are a small charity with a big heart… We need your HELP to find this new home so we VOLUNTEERS CAN SERVE OUR COMMUNITY. Even hope one day that we could get back to other wonderful projects that will all make us smile again.

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