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“Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love” said Mother Theresa.
Gratitude ,established over eight years ago by Sheila and John Carlisle ,live by Mother Theresa’s word. With an unparalleled dedication they go around various supermarkets and collect food which is still perfectly edible but the shops can’t sell it because it is either too close to their expiry date or just past it. This they do every day of the year.!
They then give this food to the needy and vulnerable by inviting those people to come to their “pantry ” and take whatever they need for feeding their families. Over last two years the Pantry was the first port of call for anyone in need. The Pantry was thriving by helping over 150 families !
COVID -19 brought with it great devastation and the Pantry had to be closed. Some families lost their only source of getting a nutritious meal and there was abject desolation amongst certain members of the community.
Sheila and John continued to find ways to help people in the community – sometimes out of car parks, back of the vans or even small groups working out of gardens! Packages of fresh fruit , vegetables and meat were taken to the elderly and vulnerable and delivered on their door step. This was a temporary solution.
With a team of dedicated volunteers Gratitude was lucky to have been given a grant by the HCF . They also recognised Gratitude as one of the two Borehamwood charities
For a community award for 2020 ! This spurred the charity to seek further ways to continue and it was suggested that they approach the trustees of Allum manor .
The trustees graciously offered the use of a Hall free of cost and the rest as they say is history .
You will find 8 to 10 volunteers daily working from 4 pm to disinfect tables and arrange
The goods that have been collected in the day. There is a variety of fresh foods, vegetables ,fruits and meat on offer. Public are welcomed from 5 and following strict social distancing are given adequate groceries to make a healthy and nutritious meal.
At the end of the evening the volunteers are tired but satisfied they have helped several families . Donations in cash and kind , corporate or individuals are welcomed !!
Welcome to come and see for yourselves !

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