Knitting hats and octopus toys for the Barnet Hospital

Gratitude’s Knitting for Charity

So far we had a super productive start for the year. We started running a second weekly knitting group with many new knitters joining. Our projects are fast over doing the targets and we are having lots of fun getting together and learning from each other.

So far this year;
We did 8 blankets for wheelchairs users to be donated to a local care home.
We did a high pile of the cutest premature babies hats.
We did a bag full of colourful feeding pads for premature babies.
We are still doing many premature babies blankets …

Thank you to all who donated wool. Please keep it coming. All our creations are from 100% donations of unwanted wool.

Special thanks to Natalie from Page Studs Farm for donating alpaca wool taking stright off from her alpacas. Some of our members will be combing and weaving it.

All who want to join us knitting or to donate wool are very welcome to get in touch.

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