Gratitude Celebrates Halloween with Spooky Halloween Grotto at the Gratitude Hub and Sharing Sweets and Good Will at Barnet General Children’s Ward

Spooky Halloween Grotto for local kids

On Saturday afternoon, the Gratitude Hub hosted a Spooky Halloween Grotto for local kids. The event was a huge success, with over 60 children attending to receive toys, face painting, and treats.

The Grotto was decorated with all the trimmings of Halloween, from cobwebs and pumpkins to skeletons and ghosts. The kids were all dressed up in their best costumes, from scary monsters to cute superheroes.

The volunteers at the Gratitude Hub worked hard to make the Grotto a special event for the kids. They helped them choose toys, painted their faces, and gave them delicious treats. The kids had an amazing time, and they were all very grateful for the volunteers’ hard work.

One of the highlights of the event was the face painting. The volunteers were very creative, and they painted some truly scary faces on the kids. Some of the kids even scared the volunteers themselves!

Another highlight of the event was the toy giveaway. The Gratitude Hub had collected a large donation of toys, and each child was able to choose a toy to take home. The kids were all very excited about their new toys, and they couldn’t wait to play with them.

The Spooky Halloween Grotto was a wonderful event for the local kids. It was a chance for them to have some fun and excitement in a safe and friendly environment. The kids were all very grateful for the generosity of the Gratitude Hub and its volunteers.

Thank you to the hard-working volunteers at the Gratitude Hub for making the Spooky Halloween Grotto such a special event for the kids!

Cheer and joy at the Children’s Ward at Barnet General Hospital

On Sunday, the hard working volunteers brought cheer and joy to the Children’s Ward at Barnet General. 7 sacks of carefully wrapped hand-crocheted gifts were donated to the children.

Gratitude’s Creative Club donated to Barnet Hospital:

For Premature Babies:
19 Blankets
25 Sweaters
4 Toys
47 Hats
25 Orange hats
41 Sets
10 Dresses
2 Pair of Boots

For year 1+ children:
38 Toys
15 Unisex Blankets
2 Pair of Boots
40 Blankets for boys
40 Blankets For girls

For Elderly Wards:
33 Tweedle Muffs
58 Lapblankets
3 Scarves
1 Hairband
1 Shawl

7 crates of chocolate gifts also have been shared with the Hospital to cheer up the kids at the wards and A&E.

The creative club regularly support children in hospital by making knitted scarves and blankets as presents to cheer them up and know their community are thinking of them.

Recently we have received the below thank you email from the Ward:

Dear Sheila

We would like to thank you very much for the lovely blankets, teddies and treats that you dropped off to our ward.

We have some babies and toddlers who come onto the ward with nothing but the clothes they are wearing and to be able to give them a blanket and a teddy for some comfort is always very much appreciated.

We have given some Halloween treats to the children today and will give some more out tomorrow, again being able to treat the children whilst they are in hospital especially during holidays is something special to see and always brings a smile to the faces of the children and their parents.

Once again thank you very much.

Kind Regards

Senior Play Specialist
Galaxy Ward

Thank you to the wonderful Gratitude Creative Club team who spend many hours on this meaningful project.

Written by Carolyne Klein

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