Gratitude Spreads Joy to Mums in ADD-vance Support Groups

In a heartwarming collaboration, Gratitude Charity recently delivered 12 little hampers to mothers attending ADD-vance support groups, bringing joy and a well-deserved moment of respite. The initiative aimed to recognise and support the incredible efforts of mothers navigating the challenges of raising children affected by ADHD and Autism.

Gratitude Charity, known for its commitment to spreading kindness and joy, accompanied each hamper with a thoughtful message: “Everyone deserves a moment; enjoy this small treat from Gratitude Charity.” The gesture resonated deeply with the mothers, providing a meaningful break from their daily responsibilities.

Quotes from the touched mothers highlight the profound impact of Gratitude Charity’s generosity. One of the mothers, Val expressed, “It’s more than just a hamper; it’s a reminder that our community cares and acknowledges the challenges we face. Thank you, Gratitude Charity, for this beautiful moment.”

Photo by Amanda


Other mums also shared their appreciation

“It brought tears to my eyes that someone had actually thought of me thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️”

Kim x

“I felt seen and heard and that I wasn’t alone x”


“It was lovely to receive a gift filled with little moments just for me 🥰 thank you x”


“It really was a lovely surprise, it made my day, i was and still am so grateful, thank you x”


“Sincere thanks to Gratitude for reminding us that self care is vital for our health and wellbeing” 🧡


“The generosity made me feel supported by people I didn’t even know. Which filled me up with strength. Thank you so much for your kindness xx”


This heartwarming collaboration wouldn’t have been possible without the ongoing dedication of ADD-vance, a group of professionals who are also parents of children affected by ADHD and/or Autism. Founded by Anne Ross in 1996, ADD-vance has been steadfast in its mission to support families and professionals dealing with these complex neurological conditions.

We appreciate their contribution to the well-being of our parents.

Gratitude Charity and ADD-vance share a common commitment to supporting families, fostering understanding, and creating a community where everyone feels valued. This collaboration stands as a testament to the positive change that can be achieved when organizations come together with a shared vision of making a difference in the lives of those they serve.

The recent collaboration with ADD-vance is just the beginning! Gratitude Charity is excited about creating even more heartwarming moments and sharing gratitude in the days ahead. Stay tuned for the good vibes as we continue to spread joy to families!

Written by Valeria Fazekas & Tibor Szovetes

Cover photo by Antoni Shkraba

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