Gratitude’s Creative Club is back to help premature babies and elderly people

Gratitude is reviving the creative club that is based around Knitting & Crocheting, and many more creativity-based recycling art projects. Originally it all started as a small Knitting club as we have received plenty of leftover wool and other types of yarns. Therefore we decided to turn them into something more useful around our community.

“We already have 31 active members, who are busy working on various projects as you will see below.”

The group is open to anyone, with any creative skills; and even to beginners or people who are only interested, but never had the chance to try their skills. Our knitting and crocheting champions are happy to help anyone to become one of our busy bees. You can learn skills here that are also useful when you would like to surprise a loved one with a personalized gift. If you would like to challenge yourself, please visit us in our hub at our opening times. Click here for more info.

Supporting Children and young families

We are supporting mums with premature babies at our local hospitals (Barnet Hospital, Watford General Hospital, The New QEII Hospital that is located in Welwyn Garden City). You may not know, but it is very hard to source teeny-tiny clothes for premature babies so this is one of our cutest valuable projects out of all. We make premature baby hats, baby clothes and baby blankets only from soft acrylic yarn to be sure they are safe for babies. (Wool yarns can shed fibres that babies can easily swallow, and it might also be irritating to baby’s sensitive skin.) We have plenty of wool yarns for adult blankets, and other items, however, unfortunately, we are short of soft cuddly Baby yarn.

If you are thinking of helping us with some donations, we are looking for top fibre choices for baby knits. Mainly soft acrylic but other materials like cotton, bamboo and superwash wool (particularly merino) are also welcome. Any amount of leftover yarns are valuable for us.

In addition to that, we are also creating Mother & Baby bonding squares, small animals and blankets. Each mum has 2 squares, one is kept with baby & one is kept on mums body. They swap every 12 hours to help mum & baby bond by the smell in cases where they can’t physically touch.

Bunnies, amigurumi, octopuses and baby comforters for premature and newborn babies.

Projects to help people in need

Our project in May: creating twiddle muffs, fiddle muffs, fidget muffs. Our talented team is creating these for people with dementia, Alzheimer syndrome, autism and for kids 2-3 years in hospital.

Lap blankets for wheelchair users or elderly people in various care homes in Hertfordshire.

Various other creative projects

Gratitude is also selling Remembrance Poppies to support The Royal British Legion (RBL). As you may already know this charity providing financial, social, political, and emotional support to those who have served or who are currently serving in the British Armed Forces and their dependents. The poppy has no fixed price; the creative team is mainly working on the poppies from early October until mid-November every year. And we are proud to say the pins are popular with the general public, local politicians.

Ear Savers for Face Masks, Mask Extenders

Recycled crocheted plastic shopping bags made out of plastic bags (package of bread, nappies, etc.)

We also make Christmas cards, decorations and Christmas crackers

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