Re-Distribution of Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning Products

Gratitude was fortunate to receive an incredibly generous donation of good quality cleaning products from our suppliers. Throughout the year we have thought of innovative ways to redistribute to the community.

Schools, nurseries and healthcare facilities were approached, and during the Christmas Market, set up by Penz, we shared bundles of products with the local community to increase awareness of the joys of Gratitude.

Recently to mark the hard work and dedication of our NHS staff at Barnet General hospital our volunteers distributed cleaning products to welcome staff.

Cleaning products are distributed to Gratitude’s service users regularly as part of the grocery giveaway.

We support the community in budgeting their household or commercial expenses, by recycling products, sometimes through overproduction or damaged packaging.

If you or your organisation need good quality cleaning products, please get in touch through our website or Facebook page.

Written by Carolyne Klein

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