“Thank you Gratitude…”

The date was 13 February and it was a very cold day. It hasn’t gone well for me. Maybe it had something to do with the date?! I have decided to take my son to the park. He took his brother’s electric skateboard with us. He was having so much fun with it so I thought I try it too. I enjoyed it and I should have stopped then, but I didn’t. I fell off and broke both bones in my lower right leg.

I had to have a surgery to put a rod and screws into my leg. The next 6 weeks have been a nightmare. I was completely bed-bound and everyday tasks became impossible. My children really had to step up. My friends have been amazing by making meals for the whole family for the first two weeks. So I knew how much it meant to get help when you find yourself in need. One day I have received a message from the local charity called Gratitude.

They offered to bring me a care package. At first, I felt there must be other people who need this kind of help more than me, but after communicating with the charity I have accepted. It has helped a lot. This care package lasted a week and I didn’t have to worry about if we had all the essentials for the family. Since then I have received another one and this has given me two weeks of being able to focus on getting myself back to my strength again.

Thank you Gratitude I am ever so grateful for your kindness and generosity. ❤️

– Hedy Llewellyn, Kumon Maths and English Instructor in Borehamwood –

Images are only for illustration purposes. Stock photos are by Victoria Borodinova from Pixabay

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