800 Minced Pies for the homeless in London

A group of volunteers got together on Dec 14 to make 800 minced pies that were distributed in central London to the homeless and the needy by friends from Food for Life. Fantastic community spirit of making, baking and wrapping together. We were aiming at 1008 and ended up with a respectable 800!

Big thank you to Sarit Cohen who made the dough in advance from 20 kilo flour, 6 kilo margarine and lots of jams. Lots of thanks to Kripamoya Das for helping with the kneading and for sharing inspirational anecdots. Thanks to Syama Dasi from Oxford for helping on all fronts. Big thank you to Etty Gafan and Michael Alexander who made a very nourishing vegetable soup for our lunch break. Thank you to Rohama Shalom Daniel Perez Neriman Osman Viv Enid Douglas Rita Simon David Appleby and Angela Berger for your great help.

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