Eventful Sunday at Gratitude

Sunday 11th April is Good Deeds Day.
We had the following exciting things going on:

In addition to our usual grocery and essential clothing for children and adults giveaway, for a surprise, we had a guest of a mobile zero shop refill business at our hub. They were offering some of their products for free to our service users. Our fantastic volunteers saved plastic and glass containers from waste which were then filled with vegan and cruelty-free household and cosmetic products for free in the spirit of the Good Deeds of the day.

If you also like the idea of producing less waste and saving the Earth from additional pollution we can recommend you to visit their site:

We have selected winners in our Little Artist Competition in 2 age categories. 8 fantastic prizes went out to winners. For more details please see https://www.gratitude.charity/winners-of-gratitudes-little-artist-competition/


TV sets to be given to selected charities, underprivileged schools, educational purposes etc. We have started discussions with the local schools. All details will be posted later.


We have had a very lovely and super busy

Good Deeds Day indeed!

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