Last week’s key supporters

(Week 12)

A big Thank you goes to the Royal Free Hospital, where last week we have collected 26 TV sets. We are planning to update these units and offer them to various social shelters, underprivileged schools, refugee centres as well as to be used in Gratitude’s educational workshops on Good Deeds Day.
This donation was made possible in collaboration with the Barnet Hospital Trust.

Thank you for the TVs to:

  • Carla Bispham for arranging
  • to The team at the Royal Free for loading them up into our van
  • to Tibor and Andrew who unloaded them out of the van into Gratitude’s Hub
  • and to Tibor and Adi for the technical upgrade.

Another Big thank you goes to Hemel from Go.dharmic for arranging 4 pallets of water to be donated to Gratitude 👏

Also thank you to Waitrose @ Mill Hill whom kindly donated more Easter hampers for our Easter Raffle.

Stock Photos by from Pexels

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