Nourishing Hope: Celebrating the Success of Our Community Kitchen

Gratitude is excited to share the tremendous success of the “Meals for Schools – Community Kitchen Project”.

Launched in 2023, an initiative began as a pilot project in partnership with local schools to address nutritional gaps among children receiving free school meals.

Each week, Gratitude provided schools with additional nutritious meals for children to take home.

As demand grew, Gratitude expanded to prepare 40 nutritious meals weekly for families in need. The kitchen, managed by an experienced kitchen manager and staffed by dedicated volunteers, has become a focal point of community support, efficiently producing meals that extend far beyond nutritional value.

From September 2023 to May 2024, excluding school holidays, Gratitude distributed over 1,320 meals to primary schools. They also held special events where they provided 1,060 meals to homeless individuals and refugees, demonstrating their broader commitment to combatting food insecurity.

A Special Day of Service

On Friday April 26, the community united to make an additional 60 sandwiches for a local homeless charity, assisted by student volunteers. This day emphasised the educational value of community service, illustrating the profound impact of collective efforts.

Volunteer with Gratitude in The Community Kitchen

Gratitude provides opportunities for corporate teams to volunteer in our community kitchen, creating a perfect environment for team bonding while making a tangible difference in the community. With several teams already participating, we encourage more businesses to take part in this enriching experience. Please reach out if you and your team are interested in joining us.

Gratitude is committed to expanding this vital service and welcomes volunteers from all backgrounds. Joining us means contributing to a greater cause, strengthening community ties, and providing essential support to families in need.

Future Goals

As resources allow, Gratitude hopes to significantly expand the entire program, aiming to include more schools, extend services to additional families, and increase the number of meals they distribute.

Get Involved in the Gratitude Community Kitchen:

This initiative is not just about providing meals—it’s about fostering a healthier, more connected community. To get involved, email Gratitude at .

Your support can make a significant difference, one meal at a time.

Written by Carolyne Klein

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