The Gratitude Upcycle Store – A Community Beacon in Barnet Spires Shopping Centre

Located in the vibrant Barnet Spires shopping centre, The Gratitude Upcycle Store opened its doors in March 2024, quickly becoming more than just a charity shop – it’s a community hub.

Every purchase supports Gratitude charity initiatives.

A Store with a Mission – Gratitude Upcycle Store

Picture of Sheila welcoming mayor of Borehamwood outside the Gratitude Upcycle Store

Unlike typical retail outlets, Gratitude Upcycle emerged from a desire to meet community needs innovatively. Each item for sale has been donated by residents of Borehamwood and Barnet, giving pre-loved goods a new lease on life and reducing waste.

The store’s atmosphere is warm and inviting, thanks to a team of passionate volunteers who not only run the shop but also foster a sense of belonging among patrons.

Picture of the outside of the Gratitude Upcycle Store

Community Impact of the Gratitude Upcycle Store

All revenue generated goes directly to Gratitude Charity, which supports up to 1,500 individuals weekly across various programs. These include grocery distributions, essential supplies for children, and a community kitchen that feeds those in need.

The store’s unique pay-what-you-can model allows everyone to contribute what they can afford, reinforcing a cycle of mutual support and gratitude within the community.

Store Details

Picture of Gratitude volunteers inside the Gratitude Upcycle Store, helping to serve customers.

Gratitude Upcycle Store is open for community interaction and shopping from Monday to Thursday and Saturdays.

Gratitude Upcycle
The Spires Shopping Centre
High Street
Barnet, EN5 5XY

Whether you’re shopping, donating, or volunteering, your involvement helps sustain vital community services.

Opening times:

  • Monday – Thursday 1 – 4 pm
  • Friday – Closed
  • Saturday: 11 am – 4 pm
  • Sunday – Closed

The Invitation

We invite you to visit and discover the unique items available, each with its own story. By shopping with us, you’re investing in the community and becoming part of a larger movement that values sustainability and social responsibility.

Experience the magic of the Gratitude Upcycle Store at the heart of the Barnet Spires shopping centre—where every item purchased helps to weave a stronger community fabric.

Written by Carolyne Klein

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