Gratitude donated upgraded computers with screens and wall mount to Dame Alice Owen’s School

You may remember in April 2021 we have received 26 TV sets with computers.

The computers with TV sets have been originally donated to Gratitude by the Barnet Hospital Trust and Royal Free Hospital, so we would like to say a big thank you to them as this started a whole new project, that took us a few months to complete.

We have been working hard to assess the Computers and Screens to decide how can we upgrade them to get the best potential out of them. There has been a lot of cleaning also involved to get them in a better shape, as you can tell from the pictures below.

Then a decision has been made to order memory extension, drives, keyboards, mice, cables and remote controls to fully upgrade them. Finding the right parts was taking a little while due to the availability of these components.

As you can see below a lot of work went into them to get them up and running and testing all components….

…but it was worth it, as the end result is satisfying especially as with 2 different types of keyboards we could offer 5 standard wireless keyboards and mice to the school and also saved the washable keyboard, with a built-in touchpad to make it more suitable these days. (standard wireless kit on the left / washable kit on the right below)

Once all work was done and we tested all equipment to make sure that everything works when it is connected to the mains, we contacted the school and arranged the delivery.

“With the grateful donation of 10 TV screens from Gratitude, we can start to deploy TV screens around the school campus. This will be used to display important information in real-time to the students and reminders about any deadlines. We expect this to enhance the student experience at school.”

Message from the school

We would like to say a big thank you to all involved:

  • Sheila and John Carlisle – Project executives
  • Tibor Szovetes – Project lead/procurement
  • Adi Carlisle – Assistant
  • Valeria Fazekas – Assistant
  • Anu Joshi – Communications with schools
  • Barnet Hospital Trust and Royal Free Hospital – Original Donors

This is not the end of the story as there are still 12 more screens and computers waiting to be donated, once all administrative works are done. Please stay tuned for our update on this excellent project.

Please feel free to contact us if you are aware of any companies, hospitals, small or larger organisations who are planning to upgrade their infrastructure and not sure what to do with their outdated technology we are happy to help to find the best second home for them.

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