Gratitude for Her Majesty’s life of service

Gratitude is something that was born out of encouraging us all to have a sense of appreciation for life’s blessings and miracles, to be grateful for the gifts and gestures that we experience from each other every day. To honour this sentiment, we encourage each other to pay it forward with gestures of kindness and good-will to others.
We can all express a profound sense of gratitude for the life and 70 years service of her majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II. We hope that our little project, based on kindness and generosity, would resonate with her.
The majority of the population would never have known a time when she wasn’t our Queen. Some of us may feel a sense of unease as to the future role of the monarchy, for she leaves an incredible legacy that may be hard to replicate.
Throughout her 70 year reign, when we experienced difficult times, she would address the nation and encourage strength and resilience during darker days and look towards the light for happier times ahead. We have genuinely lost our matriarch, the head of our country and commonwealth, who is important to us all in many different ways.
However, it is now time to show respect, mourn her loss and carry on in her honour.
So in memory of her remarkable life of dedicated service, we will carry on our lives of service with Gratitude.
May she rest in peace and wishing her dear family and subjects around the world our heartfelt condolences.

Written by Carolyne Klein

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