Gratitude supporting Ukrainian Refugees and Sponsors – April 2022

The horror of the war in Ukraine is gradually coming to our community. Gratitude is supporting the many local families who have responded to the plight of Ukrainian refugees. A number of sponsor families have opened up their hearts and homes to those affected by the conflict. Gratitude already provided fresh groceries, clothing, toiletries and kitchen equipment to help these families. We also provided kitchen equipment and furniture to help furnish those temporary accommodation. This help offered to families in the short term, goes long way whilst they are waiting to be permanently housed.

With Gratitude, the heart warming support goes directly to people in need

We recently met a family who had been introduced to Gratitude by the Watford Food Bank who sadly left their lives and homes and arrived in the UK with very little. We opened our doors and provided them with clothing and children’s essentials, all which have been donated by the generous Gratitude community. They were very grateful to be able to choose from our vast array of clothes and toys that have been carefully staged in our wonderful Borehamwood hub. We are grateful to our volunteers who have spent many hours lovingly sorting out all of the donations to allow easy access and make the selection process as smooth as possible.

Photo by Rita K (Gratitude Volunteer)

Thanks to kind donations from local families we were able to hand out basic kitchen and flat essentials.

We are happy and able to help a few families and invite host families to get in touch

Gratitude can provide support and vegetarian groceries to families currently hosting a refugee family. To ease their transition into the community we have a large collection of toiletries, clothes, shoes, bedding, books and toys. Additionally, we have a wide network of contacts in the community who can source specific requirements on request.

Ukrainian families can also come to collect all the food they need. If their English isn’t good we would prefer if they could send us lists in advance, so we can prepare what they need. The groceries can wait for them for collection.

Cover Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

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