High Sheriff Visits Gratitude Hub for 10th Anniversary

The Gratitude Hub was honoured to welcome the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire, Liz Green, on Tuesday, July 4th for a visit to celebrate the charity’s 10th anniversary.

In the run up to the event, the hub was a hive of activity, as volunteers worked hard to prepare for the celebrations. Our talented volunteers prepared freshly made pakoras, (by Sushi) and Laddoos (by Manvi), along with sandwiches and fresh fruit and vegetables.

The High Sheriff was shown around the hub during the Groceries Giveaway, where she met many of the volunteers who are essential to the charity’s work.

John and Sheila, the co-founders of Gratitude, introduced her to the team and she enjoyed learning about the amazing work that they do.

Following a buffet lunch, the High Sheriff was presented with a magnificent hamper and The Gratitude History Book which is an amazing book with hundreds of photographs chronicling the evolution of Gratitude. They were also joined by local council members, the deputy mayor, and other friends and dignitaries. The hub was buzzing and full of musical delights from our very own musician Paul.

The visit was a chance for the volunteers to reflect on the wonderful 10 years of helping others and to collaborate with volunteers who may not meet usually.

“It was a truly special day,” said John. “We are so grateful to the High Sheriff for taking the time to visit us and to learn more about our work. It was also a wonderful opportunity for our volunteers to come together and celebrate our 10th anniversary.”

Billie reflected on a wonderful afternoon, saying “So great to have music and meet so many positive people.”

Another volunteer commented, “It was truly a historical day, well deserved congratulations to Sheila and John and all the wonderful volunteers.”

Pearl remarked on how lovely it was for everyone “mucking in and doing everything.” She added, “The cooking and food was fantastic and the amount of work and preparation paid off as there was a terrific spread. Thanks for a fun day.”

We received an amazing email from the High Sheriff the following day, who said, “I thoroughly enjoyed the visit, what a positive atmosphere and what fantastic volunteers.”

If you would like to learn about the history of Gratitude, we are delighted to share an eBook version of the Gratitude History Book 2013-2023. Best to view on large screen!

The trustees were delighted to receive a hand written letter from the High Sheriff showing her appreciation for the event. She read with interest the Gratitude History Book and learned about the fantastic work carried out by the volunteers over the years. She was grateful for the amazing hamper that was presented to her and for the delicious lunch we all enjoyed.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped to prepare the hub for this special event. Their hard work and dedication are truly appreciated.

Written by Carolyne Klein

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