Gratitude’s Hub: A Summer of Giving

The Gratitude Hub was a hive of activity during the summer school holidays, with Project Chromebook and Gratitude Kids Corner providing essential services to the community.

Project Chromebook

Project Chromebook is a non-profit organisation that refurbishes and donates laptops to children in need. During the school holidays, they visited the Gratitude Hub to distribute laptops to some lucky children. The children were given training on how to use the devices, so they can use them for their schoolwork and other activities.

Gratitude Kids Corner

Gratitude Kids Corner runs a program that provides uniforms and school shoes to children in need. Throughout the summer, they were busy distributing uniforms and shoes to children, saving parents by providing back to school essentials. The program is funded by donations from the community, and Gratitude is grateful for the support. Additionally, Gratitude were in receipt of school shoes from Sal’s Shoes who are regular supporters of Gratitude for which we are eternally grateful.

Corporate Volunteers

Many of the Gratitude Hub’s amazing volunteers take time off during the school holidays to be with their families. However, the Hub still needs volunteers to keep its programs running. This is where corporate volunteers come in. Hamilton and Frazer and Albanwise Insurance are two companies that provided volunteers to the Gratitude Hub during the school holidays. Their help was greatly appreciated.

The Gratitude Hub is a valuable resource for the community, and it is thanks to the hard work of its volunteers and donors that it is able to provide essential services to those in need.

If you would like to learn more about the Gratitude Hub or how to get involved, please visit our website.

Written by Carolyne Klein

Cover photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

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