Knitted items donated to Barnet Hospital this week!

Ladies at Gratitude Knitting for Charity didn’t stop those crocheting/knitting needles going since the beginning of the pandemic … and what an amazing pile of lovely and extremely useful knitted items were made.

With great pleasure after a long wait we were able to collect and pack these excellent artworks and donate this week 6 huge sacks full which contained the following items:

  • Lap blankets: 7
  • Twiddle muffs: 56
  • Sweaters: 32
  • Baby blankets: 34
  • Bonding pads: 18
  • Premature baby hats: 268
  • Sets: 28
We would like to thank Carla Bispham from the Barnet Hospital’s Trust for collecting the knitted items from Gratitude’s Hub to deliver to the various wards. She said that the nurses were very grateful.

Please see below pictures of the items and their fantastic makers:

Cover photo by rocknwool on Unsplash

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