Spotlight on Valéria – celebrating 5 years volunteering with Gratitude

Today we are putting a spotlight on our incredible volunteer Valéria. She has made an amazing impact on the charity and been an inspiration to others over the years.
Brought up in Hungary, little Valéria was only 5 years old when she started supporting her community. Her debut was singing with her family for a charity event.
Growing up, each year together with her family, she would make visits to children in orphanages and the elderly in care homes in her home town of Debrecen.
She says helping is in her DNA and the long list of remarkable achievements at Gratitude is testament to this.
To mark her 5 years volunteering with Gratitude and her love for our community, Valéria recently created a floral display for the `Borehamwood Flower Festival`. She used her skills acquired in her home town, making displays at flower festivals, and created a stunning floral ‘corgi’ to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee!
Here is a list of some of her remarkable achievements, and we thank her for each and every one of them!

🌼 Valéria could always be relied on for recruiting and training new volunteers. During her time with us, she has introduced 17 of her friends to volunteer at the hub sharing the magic of Gratitude.

🌼 Valéria was appointed the official Gratitude Photographer, capturing all our major events and sharing these moments on social media and newspapers.

🌼 She helped out during our tenure Community Cooking, and donated homegrown vegetables; such as spinach, carrot, radishes and strawberries. She started to become known for her amazing creations from fruits!

🌼 When arranging raffle prizes and displays for our VIP guests, Valéria makes the most incredible hampers, full of toiletries, groceries and treats, decorated expertly with cellophane and pretty ribbons.

🌼 When Gratitude ran the Pantry, Valéria helped fill it up, kept it clean and tidy, and with her wonderful husband Tibor, set up the security cameras.

🌼 She is a regular helper at our grocery giveaways at Allum Hall and the Hub.

🌼 When we host important guests at the hub, Valéria is renowned for turning fruit such as pineapple into magnificent displays.

🌼 Valéria is always at hand to collect donations from the community. She collaborates with other charities, arranging delivery of donations. She managed to source good quality furniture to be donated to the hub.
🌼 Valeria enjoys dressing up at Halloween, and together with her son transforms 🍭 lollies into little ghosts. They take them to Barnet General hospital to the delight of the children on the wards.

🌼 During the pandemic, Valéria supported families in need by delivering groceries and medicine.
🌼 Last Christmas, Valéria organised the Santa project for the hub gathering presents and wrapping them up for service users and their families. She made sure any leftover presents went to children’s homes, schools and nurseries.

🌼 Over the years Valéria has made stunning floral displays for the Borehamwood Flower Festival.
🌼 Valéria spends many hours each week preparing materials for the Gratitude Craft Club. She enjoys crocheting, make cards, and working on other projects.

🌼 Valéria was responsible for setting up and marketing the Gratitude Kid’s Corner. Many hours spent organising and managing the clothes, toys and baby equipment for our families to enjoy. Hundreds of families have benefited from this project and the impact on local families has been phenomenal.
🌼 To keep kids entertained and the Kids Corner active, she organises drawing competitions for our children throughout the year.

🌼 Using her creative skills and to manage the marketing of Gratitude and our services, and to organise what’s in each cupboard, she helps to print and laminate leaflets, labels and business cards.

🌼 Together with her husband Tibor, Valéria manages the content of the amazing Gratitude website.

🌼 She raises awareness of Gratitude within her community by asking for Birthday donations each year.

🌼 Valéria helped so much in the past years, she has been awarded with Hero of Hertfordshire title in July 2020.

We would like to thank this incredible lady for all her hard work, hours of dedication and service, and to say we are lucky to have Valéria and her lovely family in our lives.

Looking forward to what she can achieve in the next 5 years with us, using her creative skills and patience to help grow the charity. She truly is an inspiration to us all.

Thank you Valéria!

Written by Carolyne Klein

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  1. Habiba Shams says:

    Wow, she deserves it. I am very proud of you . I know you are very hard working lady. I am very pleased to see your progress. Congratulations.

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