Student Volunteers Support NHS Staff

We were delighted to host a group of year 12 student volunteers and their teacher; Mr Davis from Haberdashers’ Boys’ school in Elstree.

The students helped to wrap gifts for our NHS nurses and we asked them to comment on their experience. They were a credit to the school and we had a lot of fun getting to know them whist they packed up the goodies. They were delighted to help wrap gifts for our caring nurses so a win win all around.

James said, “This was by far the most impactful thing I have ever done for Schools Community Service for me personally. I hope our hard work made an impact. I really hope SCS can continue to work with this amazing charity.

Pravnav commented; “It was an incredible experience, the impact we would have on the community would be small however every little helps. It is amazing to give back to the less fortunate and all those who need help.

Sacha had this to say; “It was amazing fun we worked amazingly as a team; it clearly makes a massive impact even if we don’t see it. The people at Gratitude are lovely and amazing and do fantastic work. It was a pleasure to be able to give back!

Ansh felt humbled to write; “I really enjoyed my volunteering experience at Gratitude . It was fun to set up bags for nurses and organise items for those who really needed . It’s a very good cause and I felt grateful to be part of the opportunity.
And Nadav said; “This was a great opportunity to help out in an impactful way! I hope to be able to do more with Gratitude with SCS in the future.

The rewards of giving back were noted by Sahas; “It was a rewarding experience as we were helping for a greater cause. The people in Gratitude are kind-hearted and want to really help people in need.
And Frankie found it fun and said; “Not only was it such a great way to help people, it was also a fun and amazing experience which I was proud and grateful to be a part of.

The staff at Barnet General were grateful for their goody bags, and delighted that they had been prepared by such thoughtful volunteers and students.

The magic of Gratitude continues.

Please reach out to us if you want to set up group volunteering opportunities. It’s great for team building and not restricted to students.

Thanks once again to Mr Davis and his kind and thoughtful students.

Written by Carolyne Klein

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