Gratitude’s Creative Club looking for new members and donations

Gratitude’s Creative Club are looking for new members, they get together each Friday between 12 and 2pm at the Gratitude hub.

They knit wonderful items for babies, children and elderly people.

They recently made the following items which were donated to Barnet General hospital.

Gratitude's Creative Club support to NHS patients
  • 8 lapblankets
  • 12 tweedle muffs
  • 6 scarves
  • 21 baby blankets
  • 17 baby sets
  • 67 premature baby hats
  • 51 orange coloured premature baby hats
  • 1 jumper
  • 40 big toys
  • 31 small toys
  • 1 bag for a little girl

Totalling an amazing 255 packs.

In order to support our wonderful creative crew, we would be grateful for any donations of yarn, as you can see from the below pictures we would make wonderful gifts for those in need from your generosity.

If you can help with the above please contact Valéria:

…or leave a comment down below.

Thanks in advance.

Pictures by Valéria Fazekas

Written by Carolyne Klein

Cover photo by Tugce Gungormezler on Unsplash

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